Corporate Profile

Integrated, open-architecture solutions for diverse security and business needs.

In today’s fast-changing world, you need the best line of security and vital insights to stay one step ahead of evolving risks and challenges. The Erez Group is empowered to help you find, deploy and excel in the right solution for your business.

Our strength lies in our unique ability to design a fully integrated security system that brings together numerous subsystems into one complete and function system. We place global leading technologies in the palm of your hand, bringing each project through from planning to successful integration.

At Erez, every member works collectively towards the client’s goal. We accumulate decades of knowledge, research capability and valuable global connections to realize boundless innovative possibilities. Our team comprises leading experts and specialists from multiple disciplines. By unifying the excellence of each individual, the overall success is amplified. Many of our systems are successfully deployed regionally, ranging from total border security for critical infrastructure to highly advanced intelligence and investigative tools indispensable to mission-critical tasks.

Identify, prevent and mitigate threats before they happen. Flexibly rise above demanding environments and complex challenges. Secure the future through future-proof technology. Through success-proven results, Erez can help you deliver complete peace of mind and activate, improve and fast-track operational performance.