High-Technology Solutions

Erez specializes in security solutions which serve industries and organizations worldwide in various homeland security, crime prevention and investigative projects. We have also assisted clients with intelligent solutions such as automotive fleet and fuel management systems, helping them gain valuable insight into optimizing business processes.

Below is an overview of our expertise:

Total detection and perimeter protection:

We have successfully deployed security, surveillance and intrusion detection systems for border security and critical infrastructure protection. Our security systems are operational under all weather conditions with high detection rates.

Surveillance and intelligence:

We can help you develop evidence-gathering tools for use in investigation processes and to obtain relevant intelligence to accelerate strategic decision making. These include surveillance networks, signal analysis tools, GSM and CDMA network interceptors, and other intelligence counter and support measure systems.

Automotive management & intelligent business solutions:

Our fuel and fleet management systems have helped clients increase revenue, make informed decisions and gain a competitive lead through more effective tracking and fleet performance analysis. Besides this, Erez is also capable of designing solutions to tackle business-specific problems, connecting you to leading technology, no matter your industry. This can include software and hardware such as data fusion systems and open source monitoring platforms for easier visualization, management, gathering and analysis of key data.

Our open-architecture solutions are scalable, flexible and can be integrated into existing systems, eliminating the risk of obsolete technology.

Whether you are looking to develop or optimize your security system or operations, Erez has the expertise and technological capability.